Thursday, April 23, 2009

Meet a Pre-Frosh: Julia Yue

What’s your name?
Julia Yue

Where are you from?
Waterford, Connecticut

What is the one most important thing you do outside of school?
Sports, exercising

Other than Princeton, what schools are you considering?
“Dartmouth. Brown. But I’m pretty much all set on Princeton already.”

What makes you want to attend Princeton?
“My sister goes here, and the Preview weekend has been amazing. There’s so much going on.”

What makes you want to attend one of those other schools?
“Princeton’s the best school.”

What are you looking forward to learning this weekend?
“More about the culture, and what the people are like, what I’d have to do academically.”

How do you feel about the color orange?
“I didn’t really like it, but I’m pretty sure I’ll learn to love it.”