Tuesday, April 7, 2009

@Tigers: Some Fun Tweets

Photo by Jonathon Goh '11, 'Prince' Associate Editor for Photography

While researching Twitter and perusing Twitter profiles for an article in today's Prince (Tweeting Tigers), I came across some fun tweets.

Twitter, a social media platform with around 5 million users, provides us access into the lives of administrators and professors at a much deeper level than even Facebook ever could, telling us exactly what profs are doing and when. Some notable professors with Twitter profiles include Melissa Harris Lacewell, Cornel West GS '80, Peter Singer and Paul Krugman.

For example, quickly glancing at Dean of Faculty David Dobkin's profile tells us that on February 20, University dean of the faculty David Dobkin was thinking of waking up at exactly 5:57 AM. On February 27, he had lunch at Oxford Valley and declared bedtime at 10:14 PM.

While some Princeton students use Twitter to relay the contents of their meals and share what they've eaten, others use it to complain about their workload (seniors usually use it to complain about their theses), share interesting stories or youtube videos.

To leave with you some entertaining tweets:

Professor Peter Singer (petersinger): "Busy day yesterday, interviews with BBC World, Al Jazeera English, Laura Ingraham [yuk!]... Stephen Colbert this evening!" 7:13 AM Mar 12th

Professor Melissa Harris Lacewell (harrislacewell):

"South African brothers in the nightclub keep telling me I look 'strong'. Apparently chubby is good here! Time for more drinks and dessert!" April 7

"Mos Def is on my flight to Capetown!" April 3

"Harvard = Privilege on Steroids" April 1

"I speak at schools lots cause they say I'm intelligent no it's cause I'm dope if I was whack I'd be irrelevant.." March 27

[U. Dean of Faculty] David Dobkin (dpdobkin): "good tequila is always better than good pi" 8:25 PM Mar 16th
Miley Cyrus -> Ryan Seacrest: @ryanseacrest Ryan=Creep
Ryan Seacrest -> Miley Cyrus: @mileycyrus you're grounded.

Sean "Diddy" Combs (iamdiddy):

"Breaking news!!: Its official I'm engaged to my high school sweatheart Robin Jackson!!! Wanted yall to be the 1st to know! I'm happy. Thanks":
12:18 PM Apr 1st

"Happy saturday people! Eating corn flakes and watching some PORN! Hey its saturday and I'm a scorpio! What can I say? Lol" 9:12 AM Apr 4th

"P.Twitty insomniac role call!!!!! Who's up with me?????"4:37 AM Mar 28th

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--Tasnim Shamma '11


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