Monday, April 6, 2009

Let it Rain, Let it Rain, Let it Rain....

"Sigh", it's April again, and we still have another 3 weeks until May's promised flowers come bursting out of the soggy ground filling our nostrils with their sweet, melodious nectar. Of course, if you're anything like me, nectar=pollen=completely clogged sinuses=an oddly improved French accent and an unhealthy reliance on Claritin (which, I swear, made me gain 5 pounds last year). 
But that's neither here nor there...all anyone really cares about are ways to cope with these pesky April showers. My solution is to look absurdly spiffy in the cold and damp; it may not make the real sun come out, but it does make me look forward to seeing those grey vertical lines on my weather widget. 

Now I'll admit, I'm a bit boring in the wellies department; I wear black Hunters. Yes, I know, they are about as original as Ugg boots, but my primary concern is always quality, and so far I haven't found anything else that can match Hunters in that department. And I got black ones, because, well, they match everything. 
But for those who are a tad more adventurous than me, here are a few suggestions that will be sure to brighten up your tortuous journey to Friday morning precept:
I am absolutely obsessed. Sheepskin and plastic, who could ask for more? 
Love the prints, and at relatively affordable prices, you can always get another pair to match the rest of your lovely ensemble 
Leave it to the Canadians with their horrible weather, to design the most beautiful, albeit a tad expensive, rainboots I've ever seen. "Pulley" doesn't actually look like traditional wellies, however, so if you're going for the "Singing in the Rain" look, I'd just stick to Hunters or (if you lack initiative) even J. Crew 

I'm a london fogger myself, and I adore it....light, practical and even relatively flattering 
And it comes from Target of all places! Love the shiny patent quality, love the colors, love, love, love the price
Even though it vaguely looks like you're wearing a plastic bag, if you can afford it, I recommend this for those who don't want to hide their outfit underneath....(note: I highly discourage flashers from purchasing this; I promise, it will just kill the surprise)

Umbrella: whatever you can find lying in Frist...I'm a firm believer in not paying for expensive umbrellas, mainly because I'm a ditz, and I just end up leaving them everywhere. And don't worry about moral considerations, I promise you, I checked the constitution, it's perfectly legal to steal umbrellas from a public space. However, it is NOT morally justified to steal an umbrella from a private party on a Saturday night when it's pouring out and there aren't any taxis in sight. Not that this has ever happened to me or anything....

If you are looking for an alternative to the clunky pains of umbrellas, Eric Javits makes a patent rain hat, which is a much more graceful way of protecting your precious keppela from water damage.