Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"The Bigots’ Last Hurrah"

Strong words for the James Madison Program from New York Times columnist Frank Rich in the Saturday paper:

“Gathering Storm” was produced and broadcast — for
a claimed $1.5 million — by an outfit called the National Organization for Marriage. This “national organization,” formed in 2007, is a fund-raising and propaganda-spewing Web site fronted by the right-wing Princeton University professor Robert George and the columnist Maggie Gallagher, who was famously caught receiving taxpayers’ money to promote Bush administration “marriage initiatives.” Until last month, half of the six board members (including George) had some past or present affiliation with Princeton’s James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions. (One of them, the son of one of the 12 apostles in the Mormon
church hierarchy, recently stepped down.)



Anonymous said...

why is robbie george allowed to teach at pton when he is involved in such a biased, hateful organization like this?
his personal beliefs are obviously strong enough to help found NOM, who's to say they won't influence his teaching and grading?

echomikeromeo said...

But deserved.

AC said...

Paul Krugman is allowed to teach here despite his extreme views on economic stimulus and politics in general. Are we not to bar professors whose views we personally disagree with?

why are gays intent on getting married? The answer is, they are not. In places where gay marriage has been available for years, Gays don't get married. Toronto has had gay marriage for years, and through 2008 only one gay couple has been married. Last year, only 107 gay marriages have been performed.

Gays, in fact do not want to get married. Very few of them actually do, in places where gay marriage has been legal for some time. Gays are notoriously promiscuous, and promiscuity is incompatible with the traditional notions of marriage. Rather, as Stanley Kurtz has argued in National Review Online, Gays wish to use cultural arguments (mostly through television and movies) and legal ones to collapse traditional culture and specifically, the nuclear family. Which is viewed quite naturally as the enemy of gay culture (it is).

Classical Greece honored, or even revered, homosexual love above that between men and women, yet it had absolutely no inclination to establish same sex marrage. Indeed Plato discussed this issue at some length, making the observation that marriage was a sacred bond that was intended to preserve the culture. It can hardly be said of the Greeks that they eschewed same sex marriage out of some prejudice against homosexuals. So what was their reasoning?

Marriage is about child raising... and passing on values and capacities to new "human starts" (as R.B. Fuller called them). The notion of same-sex marriage would have simply seemed silly to the Greeks. What would be the point?

Anonymous said...

How is that harsh? There's nothing in that analysis which isn't true, unlike the "Gathering Storm" add, which is a bunch of overtly biggoted baloney, dirty propaganda which wouldn't have been out of place in the 1930s and 1940s, the height of dirty propaganda.

090909 said...

AC, you love talking about gay promiscuity, huh? You seem to mention this canard at every possible opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Wait- who are the bigots again?