Thursday, April 23, 2009

From a Kappa Sister to the South

The Prox recently received this e-mail, sent by a first year at the University of Virginia to her Kappa Kappa Gamma pledge class— with orders to be “extra girly and domestic” as the school heads into the week before finals.

I know this sounds pretty pathetic but I am worried about our boys and hell week and the potential knock on effects this week may have for finals etc. I know this week is supposed to be pretty awful-- so lets try and be extra girly and domestic and look after them.

So i was thinking we should all try to carry some basics on us at all times (water, tylenol, sandwiches, fruit, face wipes etc) so that if we see someone who we know and love going through hell week we can give it to them.

Also try to think about who is in your classes and bring extras then. Maybe even try to bring a tooth brush or a to go box from ohill or the pav.

Try to think of who you are close to and see if you know their schedules or when they have one class (i.e. do you eat with them at the same time on tuesdays before they go to class?) and try and meet them there and bring them something to make this a little easier.

I also attached the the Zete schedules of first years. Look to see if you're in any of their classes. Sorry that we don't have the other frats' schedules but keep an eye out for tired and run-down boys!

Best of luck with the last week of classes, Tigers. Please let the Prox know if you need a face wipe.


Anonymous said...

i wish girls here would just make me a sandwich

Anonymous said...

just in case anyone is confused, hell week is the week that fraternity pledges have a really hard week of pledging before their initiation...this doesn't have anything to do with exams

Anonymous said...

y'all are stupid, she clearly was not talking about the last week of classes before finals. she was talking about hell week for fraternity pledging

Anonymous said...

saw some kappas with their first aid kits today, and some more of the essentials, like pb&j's. thank god for them.

Anonymous said...

Princeton people would think that has to do with classes. Nerds.