Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Shuttle Stop

It seems quieter inside this shuttle stop. The windows and steel posts frame various aspects of life, streaming through this southern part of campus.

One can see a steady trail of students heading for the Wawa; another chain comes out of the store, heading home in the evening.

A TigerTransit shuttle idles 10 yards away. “WEST ROUTE,” flashes the signs on the bus. No students are visible inside. The shuttle eventually leaves the stop, empty.

Behind the shuttle sits a bus, which drives off for “New York.”

There is a blue plastic bench inside this shuttle-station, and a white plastic ceiling hides the sky. To the right is McCarter, behind, an empty train station, and, to the left, a parking lot. Forbes College looms in the distance; the buildings visible from this stop are dark.

10 feet away, a faded-brown wooden bench sits against a tree. There is a bicycle chain hooked around three of its wooden boards.

Some students meander slowly on the sidewalk, while others use a much faster pace in the other direction, backpacks dangling their shoulders.

The traffic lights are the only constants, flashing green and red no matter what.

Tonight, the bench is cold, and one can see the remains of dried raindrops on the windows of the station, lit by the glow of dim white lamps a few yards away. On the windows, one can see marks left by tape used for posters. There are none up right now, however.

A driver climbs out of his taxi to get some coffee.

A student zooms by on his bike.

Another shuttle, bigger than the last, comes to a stop—“CAMPUS CIRCULATOR.” A student runs to hop aboard. It, too, leaves.