Thursday, April 23, 2009

UFO Film for the week of April 20: "Revolutionary Road"

This weekend UFO transports us to Kate Winslet-land, a strange and bewildering place where everyone cries all the time and even the little kids are addicted to drugs. That's right - it's "Revolutionary Road," the movie that takes the highly novel approach of portraying 1950s suburban America as a kind of unfriendly place. Doubt that one's been done before. But seriously, "Revolutionary Road" is the worst kind of Oscar-pandering movie-making, dressed up in all the accoutrements of an art film but with none of the substance. Kate and Leo shout a lot, the costumes are pretty, and there's a terrific supporting turn from Michael Shannon as the "wise fool" of the piece, but the movie never transcends its function as an Oscar-magnet. A New York Times review brilliantly described director Sam Mendes as filming 1950s America "like it was a foreign country." Couldn't have said it better myself.


Anonymous said...

You're absolutely wrong. It's the best film of 2008, and I trust that posterity will right the critical split in my favor.

Anonymous said...

no it's not even close to the top film in a pretty off year.