Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thesis Countdown

If you saw seniors on the Street last night who had previously been MIA, it may have been that they no longer had theses to occupy themselves. As of Friday at 4:30, the seniors in the Politics department turned in their theses and then danced in the Woody Woo fountain, starting the month long process during which most Princeton seniors are required to submit their independent work, described by the University as "quintessentially Princeton."

So if you're wondering how your department stacks up in terms of due dates or when a friend may emerge from their carrel in Firestone, read on for the 2008-2009 Thesis Calendar.

April 7- English, German, History and the Wilson School
April 8- Art and Archaeology
April 10- Anthropology and French and Italian
April 13- Civil and Environmental Engineering, Operations Research and Financial Engineering, Psychology and Religion
April 14- Comparative Literature and Music
April 15- Chemical Engineering, Classics, Economics and Sociology
April 16- Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures
April 17- Computer Science
April 21- Slavic Languages and Literature
April 22- East Asian Studies
April 23- Molecular Biology
April 27- Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Geoscience and Philosophy
April 30- Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
May 1- Astrophysics, Chemistry and Physics
May 4- Mathematics and Near Eastern Studies


Jennifer Epstein '08 said...

Here's what I wrote last year about handing in my thesis: