Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ivy Watch

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Many Students Opt Out of Job Market
More than 15 percent of the graduating class at Brown University has decided to not immediately enter the workforce, according to a Herald poll. Many students, about 45 percent, said they “worried” about entering the job market successfully. Only 10.5 percent were “very confident” about their job market prospects post-graduation.

Student Groups Take on Mental Health Issues
In the past few years there have been two suicides at Columbia University. And while Columbia Health Services does offer help to students in need, some students believe there needs to be more outreach to students. One group that is trying to make a difference is Nightline. It is a student group that provides counseling services over the phone for anybody in need. Nightline operates nightly from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m.

‘Congrats’ Emails Sent to Rejected Students
About 25 applicants to Cornell University were sent false congratulatory e-mails from the University’s Financial Aid Office. These students had already received rejection letters. According to Samantha Lo, a recipient of the technological error, the e-mail gave her a “false hope that maybe somewhere along the line there was a mistake, but it just made the disappointment even harsher.”

Obama Taps Alum for Natl. Security Post
Obama plans to nominate Rand Beers '64 for the Department of Homeland Security’s under secretary for national protection and programs. Beers served as a Marine Officer in Vietnam. He has served on the National Security Council during the last four presidencies, although he resigned in March of 2003 because of his opposition to the invasion of Iraq.

A.D. Club in Tax Trouble
A.D. is one of Harvard’s eight final clubs which are male-only social organizations. They are no longer part of the University, however. The A.D. Club has reportedly failed to pay $41,000 in taxes. The club is worth $3.6 million, according to the Cambridge Property Database.

University of Pennsylvania:
Wharton Co-Signs Loans for Intl. Students
Wharton has announced that it will start cosigning loans for international students who have trouble finding creditable cosigners. Wharton plans to do so with the Digital Federal Credit Union.

Yale University:
Yale Receives Stem Cell Grants
The Connecticut Department of Health has announced $3.9 million in grants for a dozen Yale researchers. One of the researchers receiving funding is Yibing Qyang; he plans on studying the possibility of heart regeneration with human embryonic stem cells. Obama’s recent lifting of the ban on federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research will give researchers access to additional funding from the National Institutes of Health.