Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A live tiger...in Nassau Hall

A link to a "Princeton Preview" video posted 14 months ago is making its way around various student listservs.

Take a look:


It'd be hard to miss the LIVE Tiger both on the Nassau Hall steps at :02 and then again inside the Faculty Room at :17. A picture here for your enjoyment.

Steve Marcus '10 did a little research on this video that looks straight out of the '80s and found out some interesting information. Turns out the U. brought in this live tiger with trained handlers some time back. And as a bonus, the folks at Communications told Steve the tiger jumping at the camera at :17 was an accident.



Anonymous said...

The tiger is awesome, if a bit kitsch. The archival footage of Einstein is made of win. But other than that, the video doesn't seem all that different from the ones I've seen for a bunch of other lesser schools.

Anonymous said...

This is why cancelling lawnparties is a BAD idea.

The University wastes money all the time on DUMB CRAP like hiring a TIGER to be in its recruitment videos. Giving to Annual Giving WONT CHANGE financial aid - it will just free up money they would have spent on financial aid for frivolous university spending, like renting tigers, building a bridge over Washington road, other wastes-of-space like Lewis Library, etc etc.

IF the U. has enough money to bring a live tiger into nassau hall for a split-second shot, it CERTAINLY doesn't need our lawnparties money.

Michael said...

The live tiger photo shoot was part of Princeton University's 250th anniversary celebration. Since it provided still photos and video footage that is in use over a decade later, I'd say that it was a worthwhile investment.

Anonymous said...

The Tiger Footage is old footage, shot back when the University was celebrating its 250th, or 1996 as part of a special film (which is available online).

Not sure who paid for it, since there was a special alumni committee for the 250th.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

wow, they even stole your 80s comment... stay classy, Prince

Anonymous said...

How could you called a Tiger "Dumb Crap." I propose more tigers. Let's bring in a Tiger to star in Sex on a Saturday night. Freshmen will think "that's why the call it TI, holy crap" and we can kiss PMCing goodbye.