Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Class of 2014 ... already being dumb

College Confidential member trickysocksman asked on the forum “Is it bad to say Facebook’s my favorite website?” referring to one of the nine short-answer questions on the Princeton application asking for the applicant’s “favorite website.”

… Really?

This post is followed by [competitive, angsty high school seniors’] eager cries of approval. In a few responses, other members enthusiastically recommend www.smartcollegechoices.com, www.intellectualthinker.com, and even www.collegeconfidential.com.

“The theme of my app is basically that im a people person,” trickysocksman later justifies.

I’m not so sure I see the rationale behind that, but…

Personally, I’m quick to agree with another member in his suggestion that rather than answering with Facebook—which “shows a lack of creativity and imagination—putting down www.RuneScape.com would show dedication, especially if you have a “level 138 account named Zezima.”

When asked if these questions on the application really made a significant difference, Janet Rapelye, Dean of Admission, declined to comment. (We didn’t actually contact her, though we’re sure the said competitive, angsty high school seniors already have…)


Anonymous said...

why don't you also analyze his screen name?

this post is pathetic

Anonymous said...

that someone on the prox staff (who wisely chose not to be identified) still browses collegeconfidential is the more relevant news