Monday, December 14, 2009

Ivy Watch: Dartmouth may get bigger as Yale's staff may shrink

The Brown Daily Herald has already stopped publication for 2009.

Housing may go gender-neutral
Columbia College Student Council has proposed changing the housing policy to allow for students to live together irrespective of their gender.


The Cornell Daily Sun has already stopped publication for 2009.


With early decision admits, Dartmouth explores increasing class size
Dartmouth accepted 461 early admission applicants for the Class of 2014, 60 more than accepted for the Class of 2013. Dartmouth also received 23 more applicants for early admission than last year. Their acceptance rate was 29 percent.

Science Complex Construction To Halt in 2010
Harvard will stop the construction of the Allston Science Complex early next year after the foundation has been completed. This decision was based on "altered financial landscape of the University" according to a letter by University President Drew G. Faust.

November crime declines 28%
Crime on Penn's campus has declined by 28 percent in November 2009 compared with November 2008 according to a report by Penn's Division of Public Safety. Violent crime has increased, however, with 19 incidents reported in November 2009 over the seven incidents that occurred in November 2008.

University may cut more staff
Looking to close a $100 million budget gap, Yale may cut further staff. Since Yale's endowment fell 24.6 percent between June 2008 and June 2009 Yale has delayed new faculty hiring and laid off around 100 people.