Friday, December 18, 2009

Because the one thing NYC needs is Beast

As everyone knows, Princeton is the highlight of nightlife, one that would make New York City jealous. Luckily, for all those Princetonians who move from campus into the city, the blog Guest of a Guest, which is aimed at young professionals in New York, has provided a guide on "How to Recreate Princeton's "The Street" in NYC".

Step one: Start with generalizations about each club. Some are more on the mark than others.

"Tiger Inn is the closest The Street comes to a Beirut and beer bong-centric frat house."

"Princeton alum F. Scott Fitzgerald described “literary Quadrangle in This Side of Paradise. We’re going to assume not much has changed."

"Princeton engineering wonks are occasionally unchained from the library and head to Charter."

Step two: Find bars and clubs that match each generalization.

Glasslands, Union Pool or Galapagos for Terrace

Mara’s Homemade, Great Jones Cafe or Brother Jimmy’s for Cottage

Step three: Madison Ave 10?