Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Peeing in public, no wait, in a DORM

Everyone makes mistakes, yes, even Princeton students. And sometimes these mistakes involve bodily functions, fine. But peeing in a recycling bin in a print cluster? That takes talent.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, when my inbox normally gets a well deserved rest, I received a little gem from a fellow Scully resident chastising a “Mr/Ms. Urinator.” The culprit apparently decided that an inch of urine (a whole inch!?) would go well with recycled problem sets and old copies of the ‘Prince.’ I’m sure that they considered the lovely odor that would permeate the second floor print cluster for the entirety of break.

If some rando broke into Scully for the purposes of marking their territory, I could almost stomach that. But Scully is not party central. Nobody is in there unless they live there. This means that whoever decided to take a piss in the print cluster was too lazy/disrespectful to make it back to their own toilet. Even if this person was drunk, I have no sympathy. Plenty of intoxicated Princetonians make it to alleys and bushes every year.

But I understand that the Borough cops can give a good beat down for public urination, so someone might be afraid of letting loose on Poe field. Whatever. Next time, I hope they aim for their own recycling bin.


Anonymous said...

My roommate does this all the time. I don't think it's even that uncommon. Plus, roughly 4 out of 10 people using the guy's bathroom that's nearest my room don't wash their hands after peeing.

Go Princeton. Redefining pissing etiquette for the world.