Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Daily Peurinseutonieon hits Korea!

Ohmy News featured the 'Prince’ in an article that appears to be about university newspapers. Not having a Korean-speaking person around, I resorted to Google Translate. This proved to be revealing ---enlightening even --- of what the ‘Prince’ is about. Here are some highlights (and commentary).

“…do not trust their classmates as a sanctuary covering higher learning in the domestic hakbosa might possess many advantages."

Google Translate is right: Classmates stop trusting you once you join the ‘Prince’ staff. Princeton students, sadly, also don’t think the ‘Prince’ is a “sanctuary covering higher learning in the domestic.”

"Daily peurinseutonieon" create a passion-filled interviews to the press of the United States, Princeton University have looked at that particular secret.”

We’re glad Google Translate has a different perception of the "Daily peurinseutonieon" than the many commentators who don’t believe we “create” and contribute “passion-filled interviews to the press of the United States.”
We do, however, aim to look into Princeton University’s “particular secret(s).”

"The Daily peurinseutonieon" editor in chief of the 133rd listen to Matty”

As staffers, we do listen to Matt, as the editor-in-chief. Sadly, I don’t think any of us are on a “Matty” basis with him yet.

“…monitor the handsome young man just pointed 'The Daily peurinseutonieon' Matty, editor of West 133rd Mori Ireland (23. History major) is.”

This picture caption might reveal the source of Matt’s endearing nickname — the writer seems to have taken a liking to him, referring to him as a “handsome young man.”

“Princeton University in the newspaper newsroom desperate (?) Filled with young people.”

Sure, editors spend a lot of time in the newsroom. I never thought of any of them as “desperate,” though. But then again, I’m also not on a “Matty” basis with Matt.

“ 'Daily peurinseutonieon' conditions of free coverage during the 133 years of history, University of reporters earlier mandeuleoon is the result of sweat. Therefore the selection and training of journalists was hot and intense.”

Apparently, the history of the 'Prince' is a result of “sweat,” and journalist training is “hot and intense.” Added to a newsroom filled with “desperate” young people, it sounds more like a description of Diamond magazine.

“Being a journalist has a unique meaning. Editorial editor Josephine Wolfe (21, math majors), which thrilled my heart to throw a word.”

I never knew Josephine was so poetic, but Google Translate seems to be more on the know when it comes to the editors so...

“In short, a short editorial editor, Josephine Wolfe hakbosa Republic of Korea told reporters affectionate heart. 'Hard to go!' "

Her short stature never struck me as a characteristic that stood out — though we all know and love her affectionate heart — but that may just be because she’s taller I am. Maybe it was an endearing term as well though, since whatever it is she told, it was told with an “affectionate heart.” She must have thrown those words at him, as it seems to “thrill [her] heart.”

“Digging for the truth in a difficult environment, we silently University Press. As soon as possible 'free and independent' people are newspaper 'The Daily peuriseutonieon' like the wings of truth pyeolchigil look forward to it.”

The ‘Prince’ newsroom is a “difficult environment” in which to dig “for the truth.” I’m glad Ohmy News took on the challenge. And yes, the "The Daily peuriseutonieon" is “the wings of truth,” so “look forward to it.”


AH said...

The crack about Diamond magazine was excellent.

Pritha said...

That may just be the funniest thing I've read in ages.

Molly Alarcon said...

Oh lord this is hilarious!! I heart Matty.

Anonymous said...

This was excellent! I couldn't stop laughing.

Anonymous said...

Now everyone at the study table thinks I'm a total spaz. That was inSANEly great.