Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Art of Sleeping in Class

I think I fell asleep in all four of my classes today. I say “think” because you’re never conscious of falling asleep during lecture, but suddenly someone sneezes and you jerk your head up, defiant, indignant. You’ll be wide awake one minute, but for some reason you’ll be opening your eyes the next and have no idea what the professor’s talking about. There’ll be a faint scribble in your notes where you meant to draw a Carnot engine, a half-written word that tapers into nothing, a line of gibberish on your laptop where your fingers got off base with the home keys. You have random, nonsensical thoughts as you nod off, thoughts that make complete sense only for a split second. One time I got confused and thought I was writing a text during history and started typing it out next to my notes on Jacksonian democracy.

My twin sister says this video reminds her of an 8:30 class. I’m inclined to agree.