Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Crazy commenters are at it again

Readers can usually count on the 'Prince' comment boards being interesting, and the comments for today's editorial on grade deflation are no exception. Besides a bunch of typical comments, there were a few that were a bit on the strange side. An anonymous poster, "MALKIEL IS MAL," said, "Is this Malkiel into S and M by the way?. Why hasn't Princeton at least DEFLATED MALKIEL'S JOB!!"

While I don't support grade deflation, I have to say that calling it "S and M" is probably a bit of a stretch ... though the poster's alliterative (and bilingual?) name was pretty funny.

Another commenter's name is "Deflation Berlin Wall- Time to crumble it" ... and they go on to say, "No one should want to go to Princeton to be legally deflated. That's what jails are for."

It seems that this article inspired a lot of feeling in readers, so much that it also caused them to go overboard with the Caps Lock as well.