Friday, December 4, 2009

With a name like GJ 758 B

Is it a bird? Is it a planet? Is it a failed star? Its GJ 758 B. Princeton researcher Michael McElwain, a fellow in Princeton's astrophysics department, was part of a team that captured a picture of a large object, either a planet or a failed star, orbiting a star similar to our own sun. This is the first time such an image has been captured.

We haven't found a sister solar system, however. The planet or failed star here is actually 10 to 40 times the mass of Jupiter and is as far away from its star as Neptune is from our sun.

The pictures were taken in May and August at the Hawaii-based Subaru Telescope. So, what did you do over your summer vacation?


Anonymous said...

a plant?

Anonymous said...

You misspelled the name in the title... also, technically, an infrared detector does not have any "film". ;)

- CT

Daily Princetonian Web Staff said...

Thanks for catching the error. Its fixed now.