Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Princeton Professor Profiles Strike Back: Tienda and Nash

Last week, the New York Times looked to the politics department for a professor profile. This week, it's the Newark Star-Ledger and the sociology department's turn. Professor Marta Tienda was the subject of a long profile yesterday, which discussed her childhood as a migrant worker, her research on immigration in the US and motherhood. The profile also reports that she, "still goes to school, "because I have more to learn,"" which is good to know for all of Tienda's future students

Math professor emeritus John Nash GS '50 was also the focus of a one on one interview earlier this month with Riz Khan, a journalist on Al Jazeera English. The interview cover's Nash's personal history, battle with schizophrenia, and "A Beautiful Mind."

"I very much like the idea of doing some advanced math after many years of not working" Nash said.