Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Busy and Productive at Firestone

If you are a student who relies on BoredatFirestone.com to get you through the long afternoons and evenings on the C-floor, unfortunately there is nothing to distract you now (other than PrincetonFML.com, Princeton.goodcrush.com and the old stalwart, Facebook.com). Jonathan Pappas, the founder of the site, has temporarily shut down all the Bored at sites because of a large number of racist and offensive posts. According to his informational message placed on all of the Bored at site, he is working on coding to prevent "hate speech or racist comments" to be self moderated by the boards.

Racist comments are a difficulty facing a variety of online communities. For example, comments on The Daily Princetonian's story on December 5's fight at the Carl A. Fields Center lead 60 students to protest yesterday.


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