Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Vomit, digital style

When told that this blog post would be anonymous, I immediately thought of the power this gave me. With my name obscured from the public eye, the possibility of making scandalous statements was rather delicious. I suppose I have a thing or two to learn from the comments left on ‘Prince’ articles. They’re so juicy, it’s fantastic.

Let’s take some inspiration from yesterday’s news article “Some USG officers will not sign recommendation pledge,” which I think should have been titled “Scandal! at the USG”.

One Peter Griffin criticizes: “Hey Weinberg aren’t you the same little weasel who made a huge deal about some laughably insignificant thing during your election?”

Weasel? I think not! Why not go full out in the vermin category, and call him a rat? I mean seriously…

And then there’s Mr. Pict. Making an unclear reference to a candidate, he or she advises, “yeah let’s not forget this dude is a wacko who probably will end up as a serial pervert.”

Say what now?! (Yes, that merited an interrobang.)

What, may I ask, is a “serial pervert”? One who has a habit of “perverting”?

Oh my.

Taking a break from my serial nail-biting, I continued to peruse the comments. I particularly enjoyed one from ‘How badly do you need your references, tool bag?’ though I feel that How’s name is more chuckle-worthy.

Before denigrating all the comments, I will admit that there are some that don’t make me depressed about commenting online. “@ just sayin” made his or her points in a thoughtful and well-punctuated manner (I’m a sucker for semi-colon users).

Most enjoyable was Above ^’s subsequent comment: “Well said."