Monday, December 7, 2009

Interview with Bill Tierney

Coach Bill Tierney's resignation last June was the biggest Princeton related sports news of the summer. The coach, who led Princeton to 6 NCAA championships and posted a 238-86 record over his 22 seasons at Princeton, left to coach the University of Denver's team. Tierney's decision and its impact for the lacrosse world led Lacrosse Magazine to name him Person of the Year and to write a five part series about his career last week.

Thursday's piece focused on The Princeton Years and provides an interesting look at Princeton laccrosse's path from a poor program to last year's 13-3 and what it takes to make a sucess story.
"There's not many sports in the Ivy League that you can win a national championship in. You're not going to win in basketball. They're too stifled...Once we convinced them that we could -- with the help of Cornell and Penn being in the final four; Brown was good; Harvard was good -- not only win an Ivy League championship, but win in the tournament, they looked at me and said, "OK, well, let's win a few games first."

We did that, and it just happened so quickly."
-Bill Tierney


Anonymous said...

That's NOT an interview, that is a brief comment! Come on, I expected an interview; you know, with maybe ten questions and answers.

Tiger '63 said...

What a disappointment! I too expected a lengthy interview with the coach that made Princeton lacrosse synonymous with National Championship. I have been to ten straight Final Four Championships, all due to my enthusiasm for college lacrosse, engendered thanks to Bill Tierney and what he did to put Tiger lacrosse on the national map. I wish him well at Denver, but I'll still be an ardent Tiger lax fan.