Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wreck the Halls: Why you can't celebrate the holidays at Old Nassau

Watch out, jolly Tigers. Absolutely nothing in this picture is allowed according the to 2009-10 Dorm/Annex Residential Living guide. Why? According to its website:

“Flammable holiday decorations such as live Christmas trees (cut or balled), wreaths made from pine boughs, and untreated bunting are not permitted in University housing units. Inspectors will remove and dispose of pine bough wreaths and other flammable decorations found in the dormitories. A fine of $25 is assessed for every live tree, wreath, bunting, or garland found in a dormitory.”

What even is bunting? But at least Fire Safety nitpicks across the denominations. No menorahs, no St. Lucy's Day headdresses, no Kwanzaa Kinaras.

“Candles/incense are not permitted in any dormitory room or common space at the Graduate College or in any areas within the annexes. If a candle cannot be easily removed from its holder/container/receptacle, all parts will be confiscated and disposed of.”

And actually, don’t even bank on keeping warm over the holidays:

“Unauthorized space heaters are not permitted. They will be confiscated and a fine of $50 per heater assessed for the first violation; $100 per heater for the second violation. No warning will be issued before fines are levied.”


RHG said...

You can still have lights though, as long as they're cool burning, routed safely, and not placed outside. (I asked the Inspection Manager lol.)