Wednesday, December 2, 2009

An Alternative to Treadmills

If you are feeling stressed, UHS (and science) suggests that you get some exercise. But if you’re stressed, in a hurry, and athletically un-inclined, there is another answer: Brawl.

I’m not referring to the drunken variety — though from sitting in the Forbes dining hall on Thursday nights as people trickle in from the Street, I hear many of those tales as well, and I’m sure they are plenty stress-relieving — I’m talking about Super Smash Bros. It’s the perfect way to release some of that frustration you feel about those classes in which your greatest efforts yield nothing higher than a B-plus, or worse. Most rounds fit conveniently into 10-minute sessions (shorter if you keep accidentally falling off the stage, like me) and you can get (almost) all of the benefits that exercise affords without moving anything more than your thumbs.

And then when you go back home you can flaunt your carefully honed skills and show your parents that the many, many thousands they are spending on your education are being put to good use.


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