Thursday, December 3, 2009

Article: Ivy League men attract female students to U.S.

British women come to the Ivy League for the guys, or so claims an article in the (supposedly respectable) British newspaper The Times today. The article points to the academic excellence at Ivy institutions, potential for financial aid and "the promise of a more sophisticated and all-encompassing social life that is proving hardest to resist."

The article promises that the admission offices select guys who are "confident, successful, driven and outgoing." Of utmost importance to the relationships is that while English women at university "connect with men in alcohol-fuelled environments such as the local club or the student union bar, Ivy girls meet boys by joining societies, sports teams and academic clubs." The article also looks to the methods of romance, including the story of one British Brown student being wooed with ... apple pie.

Is it true? Did you choose the Ivy League for romantic reasons? It should be added that The Times does seem to be slightly confused about Princeton and the Ivy League, claiming Ben Bernanke, a former economics professor from Princeton, also graduated from Old Nassau when he is in fact from an inferior institution in Massachusetts, and that Marc Mezvinsky, Chelsea Clinton's new fiance, is "an Ivy Leaguer through and through" when he attended Stanford.


Anonymous said...

Nobody even reads this tommyrot .. why do you insist on writing it?