Monday, April 7, 2008

Are Conservatives Happier?

Yes, according to economist Arthur Brooks. The Economist reports that on average, 44% of "very conservative" and "conservative" Americans report to be happy compared to a paltry 25% of their "very liberal" and "liberal" counterparts.

The number one reason for this difference according to Brooks is children. Conservatives have more kids, which lead to long term fulfillment.

Finally, a legitimate reason for Anscombe to ban condoms?


Lillian Zhou '11 said...

Huh. I'm not sure that reporting that you're happier actually means that you're happier.

Anonymous said...

This story is old hat. Some guy on the Colbert Report reported more or less the same thing a few months ago.

The question though is whether this correlation actually implies causation. Maybe happier people are prone to have more children. (If you were miserable, would you really want to bring children into the world?)

It seems to me however, that forcing people who don't want children to have them (which is essentially what you get when you deny people access to birth control) is certain to lead to some very unhappy people.

- - -

In any case, I have to say; happiness is overrated.

Anonymous said...

Dubious at best.

In any case, happiness is overrated.

Anonymous said...

And liberals get to do drugs. Drugs are happy.

Anonymous said...

I have trouble believing that young conservatives are happier than their liberal counterparts, seeing how it's perfectly fine (as least here) to tear down their values in public at any opportunity.

Anonymous said...

I think we're talking about the conservatives who don't really know what conservatism is. They hear some guy spout about what's "good" and "right" for America, and it reminds them of a sermon they had one time, and so they call themselves conservatives.

Besides, on a world scale, many of America's liberals are conservative in comparison.

So it's all hogwash, really.