Friday, April 11, 2008

Forget DST, how about CST - College Student Time?

What if we turned the clock forward a few hours every fall? Not too much, maybe three or four hours, just for those of us who can't ever seem to get to bed before 3AM.

That could be the new midnight; classes wouldn't start until 12PM (the new sunrise - yes, I can now control the revolution of the earth too. deal with it.), they'd go until 3PM (the new noon), tarry on until maybe 8-9PM, which is when we'd normally think about starting our homework anyway. Then we'd go to bed at 3AM (midnight) as we're used to, finally get a good 7 hours of sleep, and arise bright and early for the new day.

This would mean that lots of things that are supposed to happen while we sleep will actually happen while we sleep, that all the little invisible gears turning behind the scenes will remain hidden from our naked eye. For example:

  1. Midnight - formerly 12AM, now 3AM. No more sending emails like, "Showdown tomorrow at the saloon. Be ready. Or wait, actually that's today. Showdown today at the saloon." No more wanting to post on a certain day for a certain delightful datestamp, only to find that the calendar's moved on without you. No more missing the 11:59 deadline that profs seem to love giving out.
  2. DST and reverse - formerly 2AM, now 5AM. Your clock can now change while you sleep, so you don't get the particular feeling of living a given hour over again or, worse, having it stolen from you while you're trying to write a damn paper that was due at 11:59.
  3. Santa Claus - we don't actually know when this happens, but it's important when it does. And you'd better not be peeking when he comes down that chimney. Ho ho ho.

Of course, it's entirely possible that our perverse habits of procrastination will simply follow us through the time change, and we'll still stay up into all hours of the (new) night playing "just one more" round of solitaire. But hey, DST never helped anyone either!