Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dodgeball Matchups to Look Forward To

Since I'm not the most enthusiastic dodgeball participant (I'm good at dodging, but then it's just you alone on the court, which is not fun for anybody), I like to watch the festivities. Here are some of the initial matches I'm looking forward to seeing:

USG vs. Swimming and Diving

This promises to be absurd. Lots of WWS majors and Josh Weinstein in dodgeball goggles against a really good varsity sports team.

Triangle vs. The Prince

People who spend their time practicing choreography promise to be good at dodging...and then there's the Prince. A group centered around working in an office all day. Prince Sports may save the day, though; this could be surprisingly competitive.

A Capella Consortium vs. OA Leaders

Seriously, with this? OA leader training is a year of preparation for dodgeball...a capella is the opposite, if that's possible.

Men and Women's Varsity Soccer vs. Orange Key Tour Guides

It might be more fair if everyone has to play while running backwards. I expect amazing aim from the soccer teams.

Ed on Campus vs. Football

Anything facing football in the first round will have a tough time of it, but this new publication dealing with journalism seems to have a very different aesthetic from the middle school gym class attire that suits dodgeball so well. I'm interested in their costumes as well as how they withstand the pressure of a team whose job is to throw balls and dodge competitors - even the a bad football team is better than most other teams on a good day.

This is not to say that I'm not predicting some serious upsets, and that I don't think the clubs that got the short end of the stick in these initial match-ups won't whip out some amazing moves - it just promises to be an exciting night.