Sunday, April 13, 2008

Who is John Prendergast?

Quick: What do the following four individuals have in common?

Kofi Annan
Colin Powell
Bill Gates
John Prendergast

Judging from the first three names, you might venture to answer that they are all recipients of Princeton's Crystal Tiger Award. In that case, you would be correct. You might also ask the question: Who is John Prendergast?

John Prendergast may not be a household name, but anyone who's seen Hotel Rwanda or worn a 'Save Darfur' shirt will only come to understand the extraordinary impact of this one man. In his lifetime, Mr. Prendergast has served as a human rights activist, White House adviser, State Department diplomat, NGO founder, Hollywood liaison, and Lord Byron-esque warrior poet. Instead, the question should be: Why haven't we heard of John Prendergast?

I almost made the mistake of writing off Mr. Prendergast as the 'Bradley Whitford' of Crystal Tiger recipients -- that is, until I learned of the incredible work accomplished by this incredible person. Go see it for yourself. Indeed, if the Crystal Tiger is all about "recogniz[ing] those who have demonstrated a strong commitment to enriching the human experience and who have inspired students at Princeton to pursue the same goal", then the selection committee is dead-on this year, and Mr. Prendergast is a worthy recipient, worthy of our attention.

Who knows? John Prendergast may go down in history as the 'Maroon 5' of Crystal Tiger recipients: obscure at Princeton, but a rockstar later on.

The Crystal Tiger Award Presentation is taking place in McCosh 50 on Monday, April 21st. Tickets to the presentation are free and available to the public at Frist between 12-6pm from April 14-16.


Anonymous said...

It would be nice if the Prince stopped dissing Brad Whitford, because if you view his speech online, it was really terrific and one of the best Class Day speeches ever. He tied in humor, a prior meeting with the Princeton women's tennis team, and the politics of celebrity. Maybe he wasn't a household name-- like Chevy Chase-- but his speech was great.

TiMo said...

who's brad whitford?

Anonymous said...

Dear Timo

If it's Truth, does it matter who said it?

Wisdom often comes from unexpected sources.

Maybe you should try using Google on occasion, not the Prince.

TiMo's brother said...

TiMo, Bradley Whitford was last year's Class Day speaker. I'm not sure that googling him would illuminate that fact, b/c he is pretty obscure.

btw, Anonymous = cowardice.