Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nothing but a number: Referendum

These are the results from the referendum. You can scroll down to the bottom if you haven't deleted the email that President Weinstein sent out, although I figure that's often an instinct.

1. Which of the following best describes your overall attitude towards the way toplevel administrators in Nassau Hall and West College have been running Princeton?
2. Have the major decisions top-level administrators in Nassau Hall and West
College made in recent years led to an improvement or decline in the overall quality of student life at Princeton?
3. Do you feel top-level administrators in Nassau Hall and West College listen to
student input while creating substantial campus policies?

I know correlation doesn't prove causation, but notice how the older students get, the less they approve of the administration?

Is it wisdom, experience, or pessimism?


Martha Vega said...

Not a surprising trend. Older students have a longer institutional memory. For instance: freshmen get here and they see late meal and they take it as it. '08 and '09 still remember that Frist used to offer late meal after breakfast. We also are probably more attached to the old U-Store than newer classes; we care more about grade deflation because it was newer and less established when we got here. We've also just had the experience of the administration consistently ignoring student concerns and failing to effect change. We've seen the failure of calendar reform...

I actually don't think the administration is doing a particularly terrible job, but I probably am significantly more cynical than your average freshman.