Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Carlos Jiménez Cahua: A Senior Re-discovers his Roots through Photography

Carlos Jiménez Cahua, a senior Chemistry major receiving a certificate in Visual Arts, considers himself Peruvian although he was raised in America. He was born in Perú, and there he discovered the foundation of his senior thesis. His thesis not for Chemistry, but for Photography. Carlos’s interest in art began after taking an introductory class in black and white photo with Accra Sherp during his second year. Art, unlike Chemistry, has allowed Carlos to unleash his creative impulses. He explains, “science is so rigorous, but in art there are no right or wrong answers.” Carlos’s inclination toward photography motivated him to complete his junior independent work early, enabling him to study abroad in Florence, Italy, at the Studio Arts Center International. This past summer, after being awarded the Lucas Summer Fellowship by the University, Carlos returned to Lima where he photographed its distinctive landscapes.

A statement from the artist: Whereas the people of developed nations affect the form and therefore identity of the land, the people of Lima quite literally merely scratch the surface – their relationship to the land is not one of dominance but of acquiescence. It is only in two dimensions that they can affect the land. They conform to the surface.


An exhibition of his artwork will be held at 185 Nassau Street beginning today, April 8th, until the 11th alongside the artwork of his classmate, Roxanne Martinez.


I’m interested in man’s development on the earth – the way he shapes and sculpts the landscape. He must have a relationship with the land in order to alter it, and I feel that connection is more intimate than usual in a place like Lima. The people quite literally live atop the raw earth.


See Jennifer Greenstein Altmann’s February 11th article: http://www.princeton.edu/main/news/archive/S20/11/02C56/index.xml.


Or check out a video of Carlos’s work: http://www.princeton.edu/main/news/multimedia/player.xml?videopath=/main/news/archive/S20/19/01M78/index.xml&auto_play=true&section=mm-featured.