Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Politics of Iron Tiger

While grabbing Late Meal, I realize that there were lights and cameras in the A-level of Frist-- is it called a cafeteria, or is that word too "high school"? Anyway, for some reason, I thought a reality television show was going to be filmed here. (I mean, really, if you want to see stressed out people reacting to each other, there's no better place to film..?) I heard a guy from Beauty and the Geek is a grad student here, so I was really excited to witness the rise of another reality TV star, because we don't have enough of those.

Anyway, after asking around, I realized that this set-up was for the Iron Tiger. I googled the event and found a description on the Princeton Dining Services website (which also provides menus to help rationalize skipping meals):

Dining Services and our colleagues at the Frist Campus Center are proud to announce our own Iron Tiger culinary competition to be held in the Food Gallery at the Frist Campus Center on Tuesday, April 1, beginning at noon. The residential colleges and retail operations will each field an Iron Tiger team featuring one chef and three members of the dining staff. Each of the six teams will, in true Iron Chef fashion, be preparing dishes featuring a secret ingredient. The dishes will be evaluated by a panel of three judges with the top two teams squaring off in a final Iron Tiger Showdown during Frist Fest weekend to determine the ultimate Iron Tiger.

Even though I haven't seen the competition yet, I'm pretty sure a chef at a four-year residential college will win the title.

It's almost like a University-sponsored commercial for residential colleges.