Thursday, April 10, 2008

Truth in Advertising

Welcome Pre-Frosh!
To the newly admitted class of 2012, (or those of you who are visiting this weekend at any rate) I just want to wish you a great time while you're here. This visit will hopefully show you what an incredible place Princeton University is and better inform your choice of what fine educational establishment will be graced with your acceptance of admissions (remember, friends don't let friends go to New Haven).

Before you decided however, I would like to call to your attention some simple facts about Princeton which can be clearly observed through the Princeton Preview Program.

Firstly, it is always sunny in Princeton, NJ. See that beautiful weather we're having? It's always like that. It never rains in Princeton, except for on the second Tuesday of each month, but that's so that the flowers can be as pretty as they are (have you walked through Prospect Garden yet?). And when it rains there are never any yucky puddles or serious problems with drainage. Especially not down campus. It also doesn't snow. Except on a couple of occasions, ideally suited for building snow forts and snow pineapples, and sliding down hills on dining-hall-tray-sleds, but again, the paths are always shoveled nicely and the sunshine always melts the snow once the scenic beauty has worn off. So, if you were considering a school in Sunny California because of the weather, there's really no reason not to come to Sunny Princeton.

More importantly perhaps, the dining hall food is always delicious. See that scrumptious meal at Whitman? All the food here is exactly like that. (Wu/Wilcox....what?) And even if you're not put into Whitman, you can eat at any dining hall you please. It's not like there are exclusive, member-only College Nights. Oh wait... Well, at least if you are in Whitman, you can always eat there. Exceptofcourseforwhentheadmissionsofficedecidesthatonlyprefroshcaneatintherebutthatonlyhappenstwiceayearinanycase. Oh, and Whitman is never so crowded that you can't find a seat. Especially not, say, at around 6:30.

Thirdly, the admissions office will pay for everything. Um... Ok. So actually that will be a combination of the financial aid office and your parents/legal guardians/Daddy-Long-Legs. But the admissions office did give me a nifty $15 of PAW points to compensate me for the fact that I can't eat in Whitman tonight.

And last, but not least, Princeton is all fun and games. Of course it depends on your definition of "fun and games" but I'm sure there's an EC course you can take to figure out the semantics.

Aren't you glad that you can now make a truly well-informed decision?

PS--Seriously though, Princeton is a great place. Probably the best way to get a feel for how great it is however is to just ask current students. Ask as many questions as you can about eating clubs, residential colleges, distribution requirements, quality of living, independent work, extracurriculars, faculty attention, spiritual opportunities, and anything else that may be important to you. And remember, the laundry machines are free to use.


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