Thursday, April 3, 2008

Campus Publications and the Mass Distribution Thereof

A popular way to distribute magazines on campus is simply to dump them in the hallway. No, really. It's since ceased to surprise me to to find the latest issue of INSERT TITLE OF CAMPUS PUBLICATION HERE sitting outside my dorm room door. I don't think this is very effective. For one thing, there are two people sharing this door. What if both of us desperately wants it (less likely) or neither of us wants it (unfortunately more likely)? This numbers game could be better played.

As I was leaving for dinner tonight, I found that the people across the hall hadn't picked up their copy of INSERT TITLE OF CAMPUS PUBLICATION HERE (surprise). Instead, someone had very thoughtfully ripped it into shreds and left its desecrated corpse outside their door: attention-catching, but not so easy to read the articles inside.

My imagination ran wild with this act of senseless brutality, coming up with explanations each less probable than the last. In the end I had to conclude that this was an unconventional form of a death threat. Better than REDRUM on the dry-erase board, I suppose...