Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hearing from all the new prefrosh makes me feel old...

—Hey so decisions are out, right? What's the good news?
—Princeton said yes.
—I knew it! And the others?
—Harvard, Yale, Columbia, MIT...
—Dang! But you're coming to Princeton, right?
—Well... I got the financial aid letters too. Princeton and MIT would each cost me twice as much as Yale. I guess my choice is kind of made for me.
Twice as--?? Holy...
—I'll come visit you though.

Remember when Princeton supposedly had a really good financial aid package? What happened to that? Here's what other prefrosh have to say.


Martha Vega said...


Princeton's financial aid is still better than that available at a lot of other institutions.

Furthermore, when I applied to Princeton, the U had the best financial aid in the Ivy League. Of the ten schools to which I applied, Princeton was not only the best, but the cheapest.

Anonymous said...

that link is an outrage...i get exactly where they're coming from; those pre-frosh are being completely duped by misleading statements. the financial aid department needs to get their act together ASAP!!!

Anonymous said...

if any prefrosh has a competitive offer from another school the princeton financial aid office always takes another look at the offer and nearly 100% of the time matches the offer from the other school.