Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Winning Elections.

There are promises that are made during campaign season.
And then there are more effective ways of getting elected.

Free Membership at the
Princeton Club of New York
After a few months of talks, we are pleased to announce that the Class of 2009 will receive one year of
at the Princeton Club of New York
Membership lasts: June '08 - June'09
This means you will have access to these benefits starting this summer and lasting for one full year:
-free gym membership
-discounted hotel rooms
-Broadway theater packages, social mixers, wine tastings, networking opportunities, distinguished lecturers
-private lessons with squash pros, yoga classes, massages
And these are reciprocal benefits at clubs around the world, so you can enjoy the perks even if you're not in NYC.
Official paperwork will be made available to the Class of 2009 via email next week, after final confirmation by the Board of the Princeton Club of New York.

Giving stuff to people during campaign season?
They're still in office-- so why not?
I wish those running for '11 council positions had the same ingenuity.

'09 Candidates could teach American politicians a lesson on running a campaign.