Sunday, April 27, 2008

Beyond Blackbox

While much of the university's attention has been directed to the recent Blackbox incident, a lesser-known incident with potentially serious implications for campus security has now recently come to the fore.

The Times reported yesterday that
"Princeton University's handling of the alleged kidnapping and assault of a freshman by a gifted scholarship student she was dating came under fire yesterday during the defendant's bail hearing." You can read the rest of the story here.

According to Cass Cliatt, the University's spokeswoman, this is a "complicated case" that has "evolved over time". No doubt, the University may have been right to shield the story from the general public in the short term and to protect the identities of the parties involved, but how can it explain its filing of a police report a month after the incident or its inaction following multiple reports of beating and abuse?

Comments welcome.

Special thanks to my fellow Prox blogger Lillian, who uncovered this story first.


Anonymous said...

Furlong said Little, who has no prior criminal record, had "a four-year, academic free ride to Princeton University" and plays piano for his church ensemble.

There are no 'academic free rides' to Princeton. Maybe Mr. Furlong should get his basic facts straight before spouting off about this situation.

Anonymous said...

The first response to this shocking and horrendous story is THIS?

How about talking about the all too common misconception that "smart" people - people who are brilliant pianists who play piano for the church and attend Princeton can't possibly be an abuser? Or, how about discussing ways in which we as a community can better protect and care for the members, especially victims of abuse who usually will defend and protect their assaultant and deny any form abuse?

Anonymous said...

The first anonymous commentator should get his own facts straight before making snide remarks that are trivial and completely secondary to the actual events thsemselves. Little's free ride was sponsored not by the University but by an organization which doles out scholarships to low-income students. Stop nitpicking and see that we have a sad, classic case of abuse here.