Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Wish I Lived in Forbes

Why does Forbes get everything that it wants?

I mean, I realize that this is kind of a really huge generalization, but I mean, Forbes has one of the largest endowments of the colleges, so it has a ton of money to throw parties for their college. (ie Great Gatsby party)
It's close to the Wa.
And I know I'm being really petty, but Forbes brunch also has candy!! Which, I mean, I know I can buy, but still. I would really appreciate candy in dining halls.

And sure, it's kind of far, but now the shuttle is providing rides.

I mean, is Forbes really that far? I always feel more tired when walking to Rocky/Mathey than to Forbes...


Anonymous said...

forbes DOES rock but please do your research!!

forbes did not get the money for the gatsby party from some huge endowment. it is using its alcohol initiative money (which every college gets) on the party.

forbes in fact was left with LESS money last year after last-minute shortfalls in the setup of whitman necessitated a transfer of a couple million dollars from forbes renovations to whitman.

Lillian Zhou '11 said...

You definitely wish you lived in Forbes! :) I don't know about getting everything it wants, and I've only ever been to Sunday brunch once when I skipped church, but the food rocks, the people rock, and it's definitely not that far from campus.

One note though: walking /to/ Forbes is my favorite parts of the day, and not only because it means classes are over. Walking /from/ Forbes to just about anywhere is all uphill.

Anonymous said...

You definitely do NOT wish to live in Forbes. It does NOT have the largest endowment (Whitman kids get free sweatpants and butt-scratchers) and if the Forbes Council decides to throw ONE mega party (that, btw, gets downgraded every week) and waste all their money, that is NOT okay.

And seriously, the food? Probably the most disgusting on campus, I think I could've scratched a diamond with what I had for dinner today. Half the time I have to go back and check the menu to make sure what I am eating isn't what I think I am eating.
Oh and brunch. Sunday brunch. Eggs are NOT supposed to come as a compact block, the salmon tastes like catfish on a bad day and your beloved candy is freakin' stale.

But you know, other universities have it worse than us, so it doesn't seem appropriate to whine. But OTHER (comparable) universities do NOT have such a major disparity in the quality of living accommodations or food (have you BEEN to the addition/annex/island? I feel like I am living in the 60's in some Warsaw Pact country's social housing project - whoever thought exposed pipes were cool really had a party back here). And what is up with Whitman and its freaking ice-sculptures, Meg-Whitman's-butt-shaped cookies, oh and did I mention the 18000 course meal? And guess what the best part is: WE PAY THE SAME!!! YAAY.

And also seriously, what is up with prefrosh getting a selective "preview" of Princeton? Oh yes close Whitman so they can gorge on our amazing food and delight their eyes to the sight of neo-gothic awesomeness. There should be A F*** DISCLAIMER!! BEWARE! YOU MIGHT BE IN FORBES, WALK 20 MILES A DAY, FEEL LIKE THE REJECT OF SOCIETY AND GET FREAKY WITH CINDER BLOCKS!! (oh yes, there is a community bond formed out of hardship, but seriously, I would rather bond over how much my food does NOT taste like mud).

Anyway, I am so glad to be out of here.

Steph said...

Goodness, this feels like Tory and the Tilghman story all over again.

Sorry for the incorrect information. I based this off of a College Council meeting, and a reliable (or perhaps not so reliable) source told us that Forbes had a huge endowment for itself.

Matthew said...

OK I won't go quite as far as the previous anonymous poster, and Steph, I do acknowledge the contrition of your post just now, but the claim that Forbes gets whatever it wants is pretty ridiculous and warrants further consideration.

Take the Forbes Addition and Annex. Originally part of the effort to expand housing capacity when women were allowed admission, the addition was only supposed to be there for about ten years. It's going on forty now. Rather than renovate it, the university chose to initiate not one, but two nine-figure, multi-year construction projects, first Whitman, then Butler, whose 'concentration camp' dormitories, as much as they were reviled, never were as bad as the Addition is and will be for the foreseeable future.

GS10 said...

These comments about how far away Forbes is always crack me up. Back when I lived in the Graduate College my friends and I used to pass Forbes on our way to class and wistfully comment on how nice it would be to live so close to campus. We also raved over the high quality of Forbes's food compared with the slop served in the GC dining hall.

I can definitely see feeling a bit cheated when you compare Forbes to to Whitman, but if you want to feel better take the very, very, VERY long walk to the GC for a meal sometime. Trust me, Forbes will seem like a palace afterwards!!