Sunday, April 6, 2008

Freshman Formals

Freshman Formals were at Quad on Saturday and everyone dragged themselves away from their Problems Sets and Essays to dress up and head on over. Outfits ranged from Vintage to BCBG (a popular choice). But by far the most common response that evening was "I don't know who designed my dress..." Oh well, they managed to look good anyways! 
Here are some of the people who made an appearance. 
Alex Scheeter'11 and Isabel Pike'11
Jaewon Monica Choi'11 and Jin Chuang'11
Qingzhen Wang'11 in a homemade gown and Nithiya'11 
(from left) So Yeon Kim'11, Elizabeth Deir'11, Meredith Stafford'11, Elinor Willis'11, and Sarah Simons'11 in Jessica McClintock
Khameer Kidia'11 and Phoenix Gonzalez'11 in Vintage
Shannon Togava Mener'11 in BCBGand Zvi Smith'09
Sydney Egan'11 in Banana Republic and Janice Tiao'11
John Zacharias and Emily Reynolds'11
Hannah Valdez'11 in Vintage 

Brooks Yang'11 in Hemline
Justine Dremon'11
Kay Zhang'11 and Adam Tanaka'11


Anonymous said...

and why are we supposed to care what dress the woman is wearing? Are you thinking she isn't important unless it is a designer? unless it is expensive? maybe women have nothing else to talk about? maybe it is polite to walk up and ask someone where they bought their clothes? why are you perpetuating this sexism?