Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Please be more constructive with your feedback!

Overheard today in Wilcox: "The only thing worse than the Prince blog is the Street blog."

Ranked higher than another blog already! Good to know that we're moving up in the world. :)

The problem is that they then proceeded to talk about their issues with the Street blog, with not a single mention of how to improve our dear old Prox.

So I'd like to ask (entreat, beseech) the rest of you to offer up your suggestions. Where can we improve? What would you like us to post about? What should we never, ever blog about again?

Any feedback would be extremely helpful. You can't see me through the screen, but I'm smiling my most hopeful, eager smile right now.


Anonymous said...

As a graduate student, this blog, like the Prince, has little relevance for me. But I did really enjoy the link to the story about the Dartmouth story about Priya Venkatesan. That was bizarre.

NYCFan said...

Post more about admissions. The Prince traditionally does a very poor job of covering admissions issues.

Anonymous said...

I still stand by this statement. Also, thanks for quoting me without my permission!